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Oats and Creativity

Variety is the key to making and breaking the template, even when it comes to oatmeal.

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Judy’s Journal

Dear Reader, I have a new update relating to my Audio Adventures. I’ve recently teamed up with Cast Lingo to expand my connection with you. Cast Lingo is a short…

Live Casting
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Accident Made Good

Repairing the Remodel

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Holiday Cheer

#29 Popping Bubble Wrap I love advent calendars. When I was a child, opening one day made me smile. This year, my husband made advent calendars for the family. We…

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Available now! Cyberpunk Robin Hood by Judy Dawn

Robin Hood is a hacker in a future where Elites control every aspect of the peoples’ lives through social media, esports, and virtual reality. She’s competing in the job placement…