7 Days of Love

20140319-153134.jpgIf someone is going away for a week send a week’s worth of encouragement and love. #ideas
1. Look to the future return. On take off day, slip a note in their carry-on that mentions something romantic or fun that you’ll do when they return.
2. Plan a date night. Don’t think you can have that special night while your other is gone? Think again. Be sure both of you download a movie onto your chosen device sometime before the night so all you have to do is sit and enjoy. Then watch it at the same time and Skype, text, phone, or email during the viewing.
3. Read the same book and share passages through text or call. Be sure to include why the particular section resinated with you to engage in intelligent conversation for a mental boost and a distraction from your lonely feelings.
4. Surprise brings a smile. Do something that is designated for the other to do. Paying a bill or calling on a problem in effort to solve the situation goes a long way to show you are thinking about one another.
5. Leave a silly and romantic poem on voicemail. (Roses are red, Violets are blue…)
6. Send a cheerful email. There’s nothing like receiving a pep-talk from your special someone. There are many free e-cards to show you cheering along while you’re apart.
7. Jot down 20 things you love about them and place it under their pillow for a warm homecoming.

Article by Judy Dawn. I was inspired by www.TheDatingDivas.com.

Author: Judy

Judy Dawn writes science-fantasy enveloping imaginative technology, augmented reality, and inspiring threads between the lines. She publishes short stories found on her website and novels. Readers and fans can speak to her real time by joining her live chat on Twitch.Tv.