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Cyberpunk Robin Hood

Taking Robin Hood one-hundred years into the future, global warming spawned industrial constraints and fixed incomes. Robin Hood fights a United Corporate Council for power to the people. In addition, she struggles to create a corporate free living environment located beside a city of corrupt officials and complacent citizens. 

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Flipping Fates

A magical coin travels the world in unpredicted ways. It finds those who wish to change their lives but don’t know where to start. With each flip, the magical coin suggests a strange action for the chosen. If the chosen follows the coin’s directions, their biggest wish comes true, they get a new life.

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An artist gets a job as a virtual designer in a unbelievable world that seems real. She meets interesting characters while she creates interactive pieces of art for the public user. When she finds out her new employer is manipulating the future by using their employees to bring back intellectual property, she faces an unprecedented moral battle.

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Strong women face life and death situations head-on. Victim doesn’t mean laying down and letting injustice run wild. They struggle with their circle of influence when they vow vengeance against the one who violently changed their lives, stopping tyranny forever.

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Fallen Angels 

Altered by technology, these women were chosen for an experiment. They can connect mentally and meet in a virtual room to discuss their personal situations. The series focuses on unique plots, power in community, and comradery beyond the scope of physical location.

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Dragon Ring Legends

Guardians of the Black Plegue devote their entire lives at protecting another outbreak by remaining attatched to the virus through a biogenetic ring they wear. However, there is one group in this world that know about the legend and want to harness the power for themselves.

No longer Available for Read

The Men of Snow

Tis the season to wish upon a storm and believe the perfect man of snow searches against all odds for his true loves first touch. Experience uplifting, happy endings with books and short stories by Judy Dawn.

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 Terrorist Action Prevention Agency Stories (TAP)

A little bit of prevention can be the cure to mass destruction. Using advanced technology dedicated to detecting possible terrorist threats, this covert group investigates and takes action to prevent possible hostile attacks. 

 Not Available for Read

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