Accident Made Good

Live Casting

The writer was driven outside to escape the beastly fans drying out her house. She sat on the bench-swing for hours with a book in her hands and her faithful dog at her feet. Turns out that the sun recharged the Dawn’s power of forgiveness when she faced the beast of her problems that night.

Holiday Cheer

#29 Popping Bubble Wrap

I love advent calendars. When I was a child, opening one day made me smile.

This year, my husband made advent calendars for the family. We woke up to three big blankets of bubble wrap with a grid of numbers drawn on it. Popping those bubbles in the square each day brought a smile to my face and brought a little the fun back into my holiday.

Available now! Cyberpunk Robin Hood by Judy Dawn

Book Available

Robin Hood is a hacker in a future where Elites control every aspect of the peoples’ lives through social media, esports, and virtual reality. She’s competing in the job placement divisional games like everyone else her age, but, she has a different objective. She’s rallying a team to destroy the Elite’s financial domination over the people. To be successful, she needs to overcome a personal betrayal, find a way to play her own game without losing her values, and expose the truth of the Lion’s Vault.

Cyberpunk Robin Hood is a fast paced science fiction thriller. This novel brings together the action and drama of a sporting event, the intrigue of a covert operation, and the power of human connections. It’s set in the near future where readers will experience the potential of technologies that are on the verge of becoming reality. For the people that have to get the prize out of the cereal box right away, skip ahead to see what the Lion’s vault is all about.

Fans of Hunger Games, Log Horizon, and Sword Art Online will enjoy Judy Dawn’s strong characters and dynamic settings.

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Finding Heart on Twitch

One of the hardest parts of writing was being alone all of the time. Even the most die-hard introverts needs a close friend with a like mind to bounce creative ideas back and forth. But reaching out to a bunch of strangers about the process of my writing raked down my spine from the word “reach.” What could I do? Where could I go?

I went to coffee houses and hung out at the mall nonchalantly listening to the noise. I had accomplished finding the live energy to feed from while I created words on the page. Unfortunately, I missed the writer to writer exchange in both situations.

The banter. The unique humor. The feeling of normality among the eccentric.

Then I checked out a few local writing groups. The meetings were awkward, to say the least. The devil within surfaced and told me I’d never be able to have everything wanted as long as I continued to write. I felt at a loss. I could’t give up writing without chopping off my hand and I couldn’t give up my human needs for interaction.

Someone mentioned’s creative channel. The self doubts were real, don’t get me wrong. Live streaming my writing process? Letting tens and hundreds of viewers intimately witness my chaotic thoughts seemed like answering spam texts on my phone. That’s just crazy talk!

Feeling like an outcast in my own skin, I had nothing to lose.

I launched my first broadcast in August 2015 writing my Cyberpunk Robin Hood science fiction novel. That first stream was lonely. I didn’t quite understand how it all worked and I was a little uncomfortable. After a couple of more streams, my community started building. I had my first ten: Casei Magnus, KittyFlow, Kovo, Ineythedark, Ninjbackhater, Bonozo Apps, Foobork, Final Boss Editing, Freddy the Awesome and Silent Willow! These streamers made me smile with each broadcast. They were endearing, supportive, and interested in writing. Some of them are writers! The others are talents on a different branch. Since then, I’ve gotten a few other notable followers and I’ve grown to become a better writer because of it.

Grab a cup of coffee, follow me, then check out what is happening live on’s creative #streamwriting! Follow me there or on twitter for live broadcast notifications.
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Available Now! Flipping Fate

Flipping FateFlipping Fate by Judy Dawn

Inside the book:
Growing through childhood, living life in college, nothing awful had happened to her. She couldn’t tell her father, or anyone, that her easy life was miserable.

There was an empty place inside, like a hole in her heart, an empty swimming pool in her soul. Day after day, month after month, the hole grew drier. She couldn’t figure out how to fill it. Money wasn’t the answer. Neither was marriage.

Could this magic coin help her find happiness?