Judy Dawn

A Work In Progress

Find Me!

I stream on Twitch.tv in effort to share the artist process of writing a story. These are live interactions with people and the best way to ask me anything. To support this endeavor, follow me, join my chat, become a part of my stories. The account is free. Learn about subscriptions!

I write from prompts on Twitter. Many of these prompts turn into longer stories. I enjoy the challenge of writing short story but my passion lives with longer storytelling. To support this endeavor, follow me, retweet me, and share my connections with your friends.

Got Alexa? I’ve created a flash briefing that tells the fictional stories I’ve posted to my website. Save some time reading by listening to my newest releases. Add me to you’re flash briefing by enabling my skill.

Sharing powerful stories, I am the creator of Mail the Tale. I write stories and mail them to random addresses throughout the world encouraging living life more happy! To support this endeavor buy me a coffee. The proceeds go to postage costs.

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