Judy Dawn

A Work In Progress

Halloween Treats

Covid-19 runs rampant in our world. The stock is down. Candidates for presidency battle it out but only focus on the past because we are headed into a future which includes a death toll reflecting this dark time. The darkness in society has reared its angered head through riots and protests. Halloween is fast approaching. Some say the celebration of the macabre is testament to their entire year thus far. Change is hard for everyone including me. Writing consumes my mind and I’m not an author who dwells in the shadows, typically. But I accepted a writing challenge; write 13 dark, Halloween stories. I found this challenge very difficult. Some of the stories I couldn’t finish. They went into areas of depression and powerlessness which I don’t want to explore for long periods of time. However, I have found a new appreciation for the authors that face the macabre on a daily basis. They say there can be no light without darkness for it’s the differences that provoke and inspire. Thank you to those who keep the balance. 

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