“I couldn’t help but notice your fantastic taste in lingerie.”

I was sitting at a table in the outdoor community center where an in-ground water fountain was running. A crowd gathered around the fountain on this beautiful day and a young woman caught my eye. She wore a pretty, short, flowing, flowery dress appropriate for Spring. When she turned, I discovered the dress had a low back. Unfortunately, her black bra strap distracted me from the beauty of the dress.

I wiggled my nose, blinked my eyes, and noticed a man exiting the Victoria’s Secret shop adjacent to the water fountain. His attention was focused on his phone, but when the woman laughed, he looked up. Phone forgotten, the man hurried to the woman and said, “I’m the night manager for Victoria’s Secret. I couldn’t help but notice your fantastic taste in lingerie.” He gestured to the shop opposite their location then added, “May I buy you a cup of coffee?”

Author: Judy

Judy Dawn writes science-fantasy enveloping imaginative technology, augmented reality, and inspiring threads between the lines. She publishes short stories found on her website and novels. Readers and fans can speak to her real time by joining her live chat on Twitch.Tv.