Judy Dawn

A Work In Progress

It’s Real

I’m writing a blog! I said it out loud and I published a successful first week. I’ve also said I wanted to get in the habit of writing one short article a day (posting on weekdays). Now, I’m nervous.

What is my voice going to be? What will I blog about? Where do I announce new posts? Do I have strong enough writing skills to carry it off?

Self doubt isn’t a positive motivator to me. Far to many questions at once drive me into unmotivated very quickly.

I think, I’ll just take it one post at a time. At some point I’ll look into the future, but for now…this is what I am doing (bad or good). I used this method when I was younger and confused about life. It got me here today.

I need to trust in myself, I’ll figure it out. Eventually.

Thanks for reading 💛

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