Judy Dawn

A Work In Progress

On Trend

COVID19 has spawned personal passions in everyone, it seems. Writing a book is no longer niche’. People have time now when no time was an excuse.

More people writing means a saturated market. I’m concerned that my books aren’t selling as well.

I got into writing when it wasn’t trending. I had something to prove to myself and some of those around me. The laughter, I still hear in my head when I had said I wanted to write a book.

I wasn’t an avid reader. In fact, I hated it at times while growing up.

But the laughter was a challenge. I don’t back away from challenges that easily. It’s my flaw and my saving grace.

Ten books later, I’ve found my true passion. COVID19 doesn’t help me stay motivated. It’s my frenemy by being trendy. I will write and offer sales within the saturated market despite it.

It’s just another challenge.

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