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I think, I heard a whimper.

Monday morning, I was sitting and glancing through The Book Thief. I looked up to notice a woman teetering on velvet wrapped, black heeled boots. Her face reflected her discomfort….

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Garland and Gould talk with me about Nine Day Rush

I had a fun interview with a couple of friends of mine at their blog, Garland and Gould, about my latest release Nine Day Rush. Check it out. Garland and…

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She carried three differently colored bags loaded to bust.

The sun was out, birds were flying, and the sky was blue. This is something rare in Seattle. I was driving at ten in the morning and spotted a woman…

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The middle-aged woman wore shoes that were three inches to short for her feet.

I took my kids to the mall, shopping for school clothes. My son tried on some jeans and my daughter and I sat, waiting. A group of three females entered…

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“What on earth are we going to do with so many bottle caps? Sometimes I don’t understand you.”

At a craft fair, I met a old lady who makes unique feather art pictures. She selects, dyes, glues the feathers onto a background (painted or simple) and frames them….