Judy Dawn

A Work In Progress
What does Beastmaster and writing have in common?

What does Beastmaster and writing have in common?

The author sends her manuscript to an acquiring editor. Her nails biten down to the quick. Her lifestyle attention span the size of a pea and her nerves on edge. She calls the editor, making sure they got her work. The call doesn’t help her calm down. She stews, writes, dreams for six months before she calls the editor again.

A rejection letter.

Beastmaster contestants train for months to run in an obstacle course testing strength and endurance. Their fingernails broken down to the quick. They focus through the nerves, media hype, and expectations in order to level up. They psych themselves out with doubt and fall on the first challenging obstacle into the beastly blood.


Both hang their head in defeat only to face a pity party when revealing their failure. However, when all is said and done, the love for the journey prevails. They start again.

Failure is not an option!

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