Writing Habits


I talk about my writing habits and how they are going with 77 second recordings on Judy’s Journal (a free Alexa skill). These recordings serve as a kind of accountability for me and I love to share my experiences if possible.

In order to gauge my writing practice, I must admit my writing habits out loud. These are personal goals and can alter depending on the priority changes in my life.

1. Write something new everyday. The stretch goal is to write 2k of new words. If I do this, in either case, it’s a celebration because I’ve set aside time for my passion.

2. Read something everyday. Stagnation shows in writing and I must grow my brain to keep my characters interesting. Plus, I believe reading is good for the soul.

3. Edit something small or large. It’s great to draft, but for me, I must share. I can’t share without polish and shine-to my best ability-though it’s still real and raw.

I do things in three. It makes it simple. If you want to listen to my ups and downs, enable the skill. If you want to read the fruits of my labor, follow me on Twitter and buy my Amazon books. If you want to share experiences, watch me live on Twitch.tv.

Whatever you do, keep writing towards your goals. The beginnings are in the endings. ❤️

Author: Judy

Judy Dawn writes science-fantasy enveloping imaginative technology, augmented reality, and inspiring threads between the lines. She publishes short stories found on her website and novels. Readers and fans can speak to her real time by joining her live chat on Twitch.Tv.