Christmas Candles

Bristal mixed a special blend of fragrance and wax in her melting pot. She made Christmas Candles annually and sold them in commercial markets. But her favorite distribution venue was local farmer’s markets. She needed more candles for the next stop.

Ready for market day, Bristal arrived bright and early, setting up her booth and displaying her candles with pride. People from town stopped by and browsed her selection. She didn’t rush their shopping process even when her booth was full. She understood the personal connection to a special candle.

A customer approached her with his card in hand ready for payment. He said, “All of these are Christmas Candles. Do you make any others?”

“No, I’m sorry,” she said with joy. “Be sure to place that candle on your windowsill for Santa to see while he passes by.”

The customer’s eyebrows drew together with puzzlement and she giggled. Adults get lost in belief but she knew different. 

As the market came to a close and Bristal packed up her booth, she couldn’t help but stop for a moment and glance around. This year she had sold more candles than last year. Her special candles would be lighting the way for Santa and he would bring joy to children everywhere.

On Christmas Day, Bristal entered her workshop and found an elegantly wrapped gift on the mantel. Her embers from last night sparkled in the ash as she shifted with the gift to her cozy chair. Bristal opened the package to find a beautiful golden candle holder, etched with intricate designs and adorned with sparkling jewels. She gasped in delight and held it up to the morning sunlight. Beautiful rays danced across its shiny surface sparking a new year of creative inspiration and sales.

The Prompt

There is a candle maker named Bristal. She made a special candle every christmas eve to light the way for santa who delivers toys to good children and coal to bad children. Write the story where the special candle lights the way on christmas eve

The Initial Response

It was Christmas Eve, and Bristal the candle maker was busy at work in her workshop. She had a very special task to complete before the night was over – creating a candle to light the way for Santa Claus as he delivered presents to all the good children.

Bristal carefully measured out the ingredients for the candle, mixing wax and fragrance oils to create the perfect blend. As she worked, she hummed a festive tune and couldn’t help but feel excited for the special night ahead.

Once the candle was finished, Bristal carefully placed it in a beautiful red and green glass jar, adorned with a festive ribbon. She stepped back to admire her handiwork, a satisfied smile on her face.

As the evening drew near, Bristal lit the special candle and placed it in the window. The warm glow of the flame beckoned Santa and his reindeer, guiding them to homes all across the land.

As Santa made his rounds, delivering presents to good children and coal to naughty ones, the special candle continued to burn bright, lighting the way for the jolly old man.

When Santa finally returned to the North Pole, exhausted but happy after a night of delivering presents, he knew that he had Bristal’s special candle to thank for guiding him safely on his journey. And as the first rays of dawn peeked over the horizon Bristal blew out the candle knowing that it had served its purpose and brought joy to children everywhere.